Diego Odchimar

Tuesday, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM 5th Floor, Room 55
Wednesday, 4:00 – 5:00 PM, 5th Floor, Room 57
Thursday, 2:00 – 3:00 PM, 5th Floor, Room 56

Class List:

1. AVENDANO, Joe-Mari A.
2. BACATAN, Armando Jr. T.
3. BONIFACIO, Justine Louis S.
4. CABREDO, Tristan Jaycel R.
5. CALALO, Kemp Russel B.
6. CAPATI, Kevin Winston S.
7. CRUZ, John Rexter B.
8. CUARENTA, Carl Jasper A.
9. DALERE, Kristine Kay M.
10. DE CASTRO, Arvin James M.
11. DE GUZMAN, Aljohn G.
12. DE VERA, Genissa T.
13. DECANO, Katrine L.
14. DELFIN, Stephanie Raia V.
15. DIZON, Sedfrey G.
16. ESTRELLA, Janina A.
17. FAVIS, Kevin Laurence B.
18. GUEVARRA, Lean Anthony A.
19. IBASCO, John Laurence DR.
20. INTIA, Froilyn Mycah R.
21. IRASCA, Anna Larissa M.
22. ISLA, Richard Rafael L.
23. JAVIER, Nicole Pauline N.
24. LAINEZ, John Emmanuel E.
25. LEANO, Arman L.
26. LIM, Kerry Anne S.
27. MAGNO, Mark Jolly C.
28. MANUEL, Aldwin Hubbert T.
29. MANALAC, Krizzia Mari Y.
30. MENDOZA, Jeicelle Victoria D.
31. NANTES, John Derwin M.
32. NOLASCO, Jose Ma. II M.
33. OLAQO, Leynard C.
34. OLVIDO, Kenneth C.
35. ONG, Shiela Anne G.
36. PIZARRO, Von Christian R.
37. QUINTO, Mark Nicole R.
38. REYES, Joanne Lourdes DG.
39. RIZARDO, Alyssa Lei R.
40. SALAZAR, Briana Kevyn V.
41. SAN PEDRO, Eliza Marie A.
42. SANTOS, Aries F.
43. SORIANO, Andrew John C.
44. TABIRARA, Dexter D.
45. TSANG, Richie Kenneth P.
46. VIADO, Antonio III
47. VILLABER, Raphael L.


One Response

  1. Morality speaks of a system of behavior in regards of standards of right. Morality also governs the behavior of man. Without morality we cannot ensure fair play and harmony in each individual. Morality can be settled by harmony trough the of each individual by knowing the differences of each individual. By knowing each individuals capacity to do something.

    In the dialog of Socrates to Euthyphro i would have responded to Socrates that doing good action is morally good because we all have different aspects in life. We choose what we believe in and we choose what is really right to do. Morality is also considered only by a society. In what they really believe in. Morality is only put up by only a society. But people choose to believe in that. And so God can also do bad things but he choose not to. Same as us humans we can choose in what we do. Goodness is the means of being morally good. But God does not command us to not do good things, we choose not to be good.

    Morality is doing in good by the own perspective of an individual. It is also said that morality is a code of conduct and authoritative in matters of right and wrong. Morality is sometimes based on the existence of God. They said that morality is here because of God.

    In this morality is based on what an individual really thinks and what they want to do. And it depends in what they think of the existence of God through the basis of Morality.

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