Diego Odchimar

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM 4th Floor, Room 45

Class List:

1 ABAYA, Marc Lawrence A.
2 AGUIWAS, Kevin Louis C.
3 AUSTRIA, Christine Mae S.
4 AVEDILLO, Kevin Martin DM.
5 BAL, Josephine Antonette S.
6 BALINGIT, Den Marie F.
7 BASTIAN, Kenneth G.
8 BAUTISTA, Ryan Joseph DR.
9 BERNARDO, Christopher John S.
10 CABRERA, John Matthew P.
11 CANO, Mark Victor V.
12 CARSON, John Benedict D.
13 CERAFICA, Jonard L.
14 CUNANAN, Aldrin T.
15 CUSTODIO, Cyrus Anthony H.
16 CUNADA, Jalena Rose D.
17 DAVE, Jericho C.
18 DE LA PAZ, Vitto Karlo S.
19 DELA ISLA, Jonathan DL.
20 DOMINGO, John Bryann S.
21 FERMIN, Dyan Stephanie M.
22 FERNANDEZ, Mark Jayson P.
23 GENERALO, Nina Charima T.
24 HERNANDEZ, Jose Emmanuel I.
25 IBANEZ, Juan Andreyev Wilson II S.
26 JUANITAS, Chanel Kim V.
27 LARDIZABAL, Rommel Joshua L.
28 MANALO, Nino Jose Leo D.
29 MANIO, Ranier Eric O.
30 MEJIA, Frances Mae B.
31 MENDOZA, Prince Charles D.
32 NGO, Natasha Faith Y.
33 O, JARED Christopher A.
34 OBBUS, Rene Stephen V.
35 OBRA, Kevin P.
36 PASCUAL, Janet Louise J.
37 SANCHEZ, Kenneth Lev B.
38 SIGLOS, Kristina Alexandra C.
39 SINGH, John Robert E.
40 TRIA, Vann John T.
41 TRIVINO, Anna Feliz B.
42 VELASCO, Rim Mariel F.
43 VELASQUEZ, Isaac B.
44 VON POSSEL, Ragnar John B.
45 YAP, Mark Anthony O.


2 Responses

  1. God commands an action because it is morally good.

    Morality characterizes the distinction between good and evil, usually bound by values and principles. We use it to judge the people around us or the events happening, in order to assess whether we should adhere to or stay away from it.

    God is good; He is the source of all goodness. Therefore, it follows that everything He commands us, by nature, will be morally good as well. The things God commands us to do are morally right, because even the people who do not believe in God, may see that those are the right things to do. For example, God commands us to not kill other people. Even an atheist in his right mind will still know that to take away another person’s life for no reason at all is not good.

    In the Bible, God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his own son. Abraham was hesitant because it was his only son he would offer to God; even if it was God who commanded him to do it, as a human being, he still had some inhibitions. But before Abraham killed his son, an angel appeared saying that he should not do it anymore, a proof that even God believes that it is not morally good to kill his own son, because if God believes that it is morally good then he should have left Abraham kill his own son.


    1. Arguementum ad Ignorantian (Appeal to Ignorance)

    There is nothing anymore that man can invent because everything has been invented
    -Records Custodian, USA Patent Office, 1900

    the premises report that nothing is known or proved, yet a conclusion is drawn

    2.Arguementum ad Verecundiam (Appeal to Inappropriate Authority)

    But can you doubt that air has weight when you have a clear testimony of Aristotle affirming that all elements have weight including air, and excepting fire? -Galileo Galilei, Dialogues Concerning 2 Sciences

    the fallacy is committed when the premises of an argument appeal to the judgment of some party having no legitimate claim to authority in the matter at hand.

    3. Arguementum ad Honihem (Attack of the Person)

    What a geezer, McCain’s too old to be president – copyright 2008 Brave New Traveler)

    The Fallacy is committed when an attack is leveled not at the claims being made but at the person saying the claims

    4. Arguementum ad Populum (Appeal to popular prejudice)

    A Shell spokesman said; the same comment could be made about most good advertising of some products-SS. Baker, The Permissible Lie (ASIN), 39

    the fallacy is made when someone states that what they are doing are being done by others so why bother in noticing what they had done

    5. Arguementum ad Baculum (Appeal to Force)

    You should stop eating hamburgers or else you’ll get mad cow disease- http://www.stormloader.com/ajy/informalfallacies.html

    The fallacy talks about the speaker threatening their audience into doing something or stop doing something that is bad for them

    6. False Cause

    Defense Attorney Ellis Rubin claims that Ronald Zamora’s constant exposure to TV crime shows was responsible for diseasing his mind and imparing his behavior controls. Without the influence of TV…There won’t have been any crime -Index Journal 08.13,77

    The fallacy is committed when one treats as the cause of a thing what is not really its cause. That is when what is not a cause or reason is assumed to be its cause or reason

    7. Petitio Principili (Begging Question)

    Dear friend, a man who studied law to its highest degree is a brilliant lawyer, for a brilliant lawyer has studied law to its highest degree -Oscar Wilde, De Profundis

    this fallacy is committed when a person says a statement that is parallel to what they are going to say or to what they have already said it

    8. Accident

    Thou shalt not kill, therefore you should not try to control termites or fight for your country – www. philosophy.lander.edu

    This fallacy is committed when one applies a generalization to an individual case that is it does not properly govern


    Sodium and Chloride are both dangerous to humans therefore any combination of sodium or chloride will be dangerous to humans -The Nikzor Project 1998-2008

    The fallacy is formed when one already generalizes a conclusion of the start of the statement thus making any of those after the statement are also like the first statement

    10.Slippery Slope

    If you take a teaspoon of cough syrup with alcohol you will soon become debauched drunk -www.edifymin.org

    This fallacy is committed when the conclusion depends on a chain reaction that will lead inevitably to something that no one wants to happen
    11. Division

    The ball is blue therefore the atoms that make it up are also blue –Hebrew for Christian, John J. Parsons

    This is a division because the one who spoke this divided the ball into smaller parts which may or may not be true

    12. False Analogy

    It would be a crime for me to divert the Nile River from its channel if I were able. Where is the crime of turning a few ounces of blood from their natural channel? –An article on Suicide, David Hume

    This statement became a false analogy because it presumed that two things are similar to each other thus the rules governing one would apply to the other

    13. Red Herring

    Environmentalists have charged that oil production in the North Sea has led to the depletion of local fisheries, among much else. But oil production is necessary for economic growth. Oil and other petrochemicals provide the fuel for the development of new and more efficient technologies –www. Thenonsequitur.com

    The fallacy misses the point of the what the speaker really wants to say like in the statement the speaker wants to deliver an awareness program to the audience but instead he/she missed the point and said that oil production in the North Sea is good.

    14. Straw Man
    We desperately need a nationalized health care program. Those who oppose it think that the private sector will take care the needs of the poor. But this has not been the case in the past and will not be so in the future either.-www.philosophy.suite101.com

    The fallacy was committed because the speaker distorted the argument of the other speaker and attacks the distorted argument to let the opponent’s guard down to believe what the opposing speaker said.

    15. False Dilemma
    If your not with me then your are my enemy –Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

    This fallacy hastily concludes that if you don’t agree with someone your are against every thing that the person has fought for or what he/she believes in.

    16. Complex Question
    Do you still beat your wife? –www.editthis.info

    This fallacy is committed when someone presumes the truth about the person and the question would sometimes hold a lot of questions within a statement.

    17. Converse Accident
    Not one person spoke to me on the way to the library; Lander University is not as friendly as I was led to believe –www.philosophy.lander.edu

    The fallacy is committed when one presumes that something true about something but has little information on the subject at hand

    18. Equivocation
    All criminal actions ought to be punished. Prosecution for theft is criminal actions. Therefore prosecutions for theft ought to be punished. –XI, #9 p.325

    The fallacy is committed when one presumes that one action or statement is equal with all of the statements at hand

    19. Amphiboly
    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces or in the militia, when in actual service in the time of war or public danger
    -5th Amendment of the US Constitution. Robert Rodes Jr. and Howard Posposel, Premises and Conclusions: Symbolic Logic for Legal Analysis (Prentice Hall, 1997) p.11

    The fallacy is committed when one of the words in the said statement is equivocated or repeated in the statement but also has the same meaning of one of the words in the statement

    20. Accent
    We should not speak ill of our friends –www.sjsu.edu

    The premises become ambiguous when the speaker is not sure of the intended tone of voice or the stress in the premise is unclear

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