Diego Odchimar

Tuesday, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM 5th Floor, Room 53
Thursday,  2:00 – 3:00 PM, 5th Floor, Room 53
Saturday, 2:00 – 3:00 PM, 5th Floor, Room 53

Class List:

1 ABELLANOSA, James Paul C.
2 ALFONSO, Alejandro Paolo C.
3 APOSTOL, Mharcel A.
4 BATISTIANA, Bermond Jon N.
5 BAUTISTA, Raisa Erina A.
6 CAMON, Prince Homer Jr. B.
7 CASTILLOTE, Jan Kievan I.
9 CRUZ, Jonathan S.
10 CRUZ, Virgil Bennet A.
11 CUBILO, Karl marvin C.
12 CUNANAN, Regie C.
13 DE CASTRO, Janette B.
14 DEL CASTILLO, Aivan Joshua C.
15 DEL MUNDO, Marc Simeon M.
16 DELOS REYES, Marie Lynn B.
17 DEZA, Jaun Iyah Caryl R.
18 DIZON, Mark Rotsen Q.
19 DUNGO, Michael Angelo I.
20 FERNANDEZ, Candace Joy C.
21 FERNANDEZ, Ricardo Jr. L.
22 FLORES, Christopher Daniel J.
23 FORTIN, Michel Ace G.
24 GALLO, Nikko M.
25 GONZALES, Ilynne Chryscha E.
26 LOPEZ, mark Jhayson M.
27 LUCIDO, Tyron A.
28 LUNA, Maria Fatima V.
29 MIGUEL, Dan Antonio Vergel M.
30 MOJARES, Clarence L.
31 ORTIGAS, Timothy James S.
32 PANGILINAN, Maria Karla B.
33 PARAN, Elizabeth B.
34 PARCIA, Tricia Louise A.
35 RAMOS, Angelo Dominick R.
36 RECTO, Elijah S.
37 RIVERA, James Irvin Y.
38 RIZON, Julius Edmund G.
39 ROMERO, Renz Oliver C.
40 ROQUE, Janmar Jr. DM.
41 SABINIANO, Justine V.
42 SANCHEZ, Alyssa Marie J.
43 SANTOS, Noel Dominic G.
44 SANTIAGO, Christian D.
45 SUBA, Jessica Ann G.
46 VENDIVIL, John Cyrolle B.
47 YANG, Dave Oliver L.


2 Responses

  1. “Is an action morally good because God commands it,
    or does God command it because it is morally good?”

    First, we need to define the term “Morality”.
    Morality is descriptively to refer to a code of conduct put forward by a society .
    God has given each person a freewill whether to be good or bad or to do right or wrong.
    God is the supreme being which is the most powerful of all.
    He is omniscient or all-knowing, meaning to say He is perfect. I know God is the only one who created the character “morality” in our lives.
    He is our God, and we must obey and respect what He has commanded.

    I don’t believe in “that an action is morally good because God commands it” statement. If you will think deeply, what will be the basis of being moral if there is no God? In that statement, God didn’t know what being moral is all about because what all He knows is just commanding and being powerful to his words but not really He knew it.
    And what if there is no God, it means that there is no morality already.

    For me, the right statement between the two is the “God command it because it is morally good”
    As what I have said, God is a supreme being, he knows everything, what is right and what is wrong. And in this statement, He knows what He is commanding and telling to everyone.

    “THE END”

  2. “Is what is moral commanded by God because it is moral, or is it moral because it is commanded by God?”

    I deemed that such things were commanded by God because it is moral. And so, I tend to agree on the first part of the predicament. Mainly because, I suppose that God, the supreme ruler, knows the true meaning of morality Himself and we, being His creations, would aptly agree on and obey Him.

    People were likely made use of their own meanings of morality base on their perceptions because God did not literally told us its meaning but given us freedom, freedom to choose. Thus, vicissitudes of connotations of morality arise. Therefore, there is a difficulty for me to give the most reliable and definite meaning of morality.

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