Diego Odchimar

Wednesday, 11:00 AM – 1 PM 5th Floor, Room 56
Friday,  12:00 – 1:00 PM, 5th Floor, Room 56

Class List:

1 AGUILAR, Christian Adrian C.
2 ANG, Ranniel Therrie M.
3 BLONG, Michael Patrick S.
4 CERDAN, Kevin Joseph DM.
5 CHUG, Neal Aldrich R.
6 CISCAR, John Cuthbert C.
7 DE GUZMAN, Kevin Dominic B.
8 DEGOLLADO, Angelo Jose PB.
9 DIFUNTORUM, Charles Kevin C.
10 DIMALANTA, Mhar Benedict R.
11 DIZON, Dave Carlos A.
12 ERASMO, John Alejandre C.
13 ESGUERRA, Ana Maraiah A.
14 ESTEPA, Jan Kristofer U.
15 FERNANDO, Angelica Ellyse S.
16 GANANCIAL, Kevin A.
17 GARCIA, Joseph Renan DA.
18 GO, Janine Anne Myrtle R.
19 HAYUHAY, Jezzreel Enon E.
20 JOHNSON, John Immanuel A.
21 LIM, Laurice Anne S.
22 MACALINTAL, Julius L.
23 MARCELINO, Ariel Aliandro C.
24 MOHTADEB, Hamid D. L. C.
25 MONTEFALCON, Angelo Rico T.
26 PADILLA, Sartre Genesis R.
27 PANLAQUI, Anthony C.
28 PASTORAL, James A.
29 POBLETE, Carlo Felipe C.
30 REYES, Ryan Chrstopher S.
31 RODRIGUEZ, Bryant Floyd P.
32 ROMAN, Lance F.
33 SANGOYO, Jerson Paul C.
34 SANTIAGO, John Paulo A.
35 SINGH, Hardeep
36 SINGH, Pawanjot
37 STO. DOMINGO, Romeo Gerald Jr. P.
38 SUPREMO, Julirose M.
39 TAN, Adrian William B.
40 TAN, Joseph Vincent C.
41 TINIO, Lia Nadine P.
42 TUMALIUAN, Faye Beatriz C.
43 TUMANENG, Nezel Kristi A.
44 TUZON, Darren Christian S.
45 WU, Jayson C.
46 YONZON, Ma. Charmaine Daphne U.


One Response

  1. “Is an action morally good because God commands it,
    or does God command it because it is morally good?”

    If I were to answer that question, I would say that God commanded it because it is morally good. For me, the term “moral” means that it is the right thing to do, in accordance to justice and the term “good” means it gives benefits to someone. Most of the time, people will consider that the commands of God is morally good because He is the supreme authority. It means that if God gave a command, it should be practiced because it is the command of the authority to maintain order. But what if God said to a man that he should kill his neighbor? Would it mean that it is alright for us to kill our neighbors? NO! I came up with that answer because even if God didn’t tell me anything about what is morally good or not, I have my own beliefs if something is right or wrong. It is “right” if you don’t treat another being as an instrumental worth for your own benefits. It is “wrong” if you use another being like he is your own property. The same thing goes for all of us. We are humans and we can think. Even if nobody told us what is right, of course we have still an idea about it. It is still up to us to think what should we consider right and wrong because it is our lives, we control it. For that, we become independent and we could tell if something is morally good even if God didn’t command it.

    If I were to argue for the opposite premise that I chose, I could say that many people said that God commanded things that are morally good so that we could live in this world in peace and harmony. Knowing God by the terms given to Him by man, He is perfect and just. Meaning, He wouldn’t give incorrect commands which will harm us. But based on what they said, He didn’t command everything which we consider today as morally good. In fact, we are not sure if it was really God who commanded things to them because they don’t have solid proof of God’s communication to humans. If it was really God, then it will never be wrong because He is perfect. The human authority is a different case for us. I could say that sometimes we should consider actions as morally good because the authority says so and it is their job to make us live fair and equal to everyone. But sometimes our authority, like our government, is implementing commands so that it will be good for them and bad for us. It benefits them, at the same time, it harms us. Because of that, we can’t depend on authority all the time. We have to be independent and have a correct reasoning about the actions we do. It is correct if it is right.

    -Julius Macalintal

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